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  2013 News
2013 Christmas - 23:30:00 - 2013 Christmas
Thanks to everyone that came by to watch the show. 2013 is over and with that ends the light show. Come back and see us again in 2014.
2013 Christmas - 19:24:00 - 2013 Christmas
There are now 3 videos on the 2013 Christmas page of the show, so go check them out.
2013 Christmas - 18:01:00 - 2013 Christmas
We just finished getting everything plugged in and setup for Christmas. We just have a few minor details to finish up and the show is ready to go live tomorrow night.
2012 Light Shows - 15:41:00 - 2012 Light Shows
I finally posted some videos from the 2012 Christmas light show. Check them out on the 2012 Christmas page.
2013 Halloween - 14:15:00 - 2013 Halloween
I have posted three new videos of the 2013 Halloween display. Be sure to check them out!
2013 Halloween - 15:28:00 - 2013 Halloween

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came by to see us on Halloween.  We had a great turn out and got many positive comments on our display.  We will be gearing up for Christmas over the next month, so come back and see us in December.

2013 Halloween - 10:22:00 - 2013 Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Be sure to stop by and see us.  We will be giving out caramel corn this year and we have a few surprises for our guests.  Promise they are not very scary, though some younger children might not like them.  Also there will be one new song in our lineup tonight, its a surprise, so come by and see what it is.  The show starts at 6pm.

2013 Halloween - 21:45:00 - 2013 Halloween

Things are gearing up for Halloween in a few days. We added some more lights to the show over the weekend and got everything ready for Halloween night. Be sure to come by and check us out. We will be giving away bags of Caramel Corn instead of candy this year.  We will attach a tag with the ingredients and where it came from for anyone who wants to know.

Also there will be some videos of the Halloween show posted soon.  I just have to finish post-processing them.  Stay tuned.

2013 Halloween - 20:37:00 - 2013 Halloween
Our 2013 Halloween show is now playing. Come by and see it and enjoy the show. For more information see the Halloween 2013 page.
2012 Light Shows - 13:20:00 - 2012 Light Shows
The light show is official over, and we are putting everything away now. Thanks for visiting us and come back again next year.

  2012 News
2012 Light Shows - 17:31:00 - 2012 Light Shows
Due to the amount of rain we have been getting, we are not going to run the Christmas light show tonight. There is too much water on the ground and it will interfere with the lights. Weather permitting, we should be back up tomorrow.
2012 Light Shows - 21:36:00 - 2012 Light Shows
We now have several new pictures of the 2012 Christmas display. You can see them on the 2012 Christmas page.
2012 Light Shows - 16:46:00 - 2012 Light Shows
After a long wait, multiple obstacles, and lots of hard work, Mesa Holiday Lights is finally doing another Christmas show. We have been unable to put on a Christmas show since 2008, but we are back and will be running through New Years! So stop on by and check us out. Our location can be found in the Contact Us section and check the Show Schedule to find out what we are playing each night.
2012 Light Shows - 22:30:00 - 2012 Light Shows
After a number of setbacks and delays, we are coming back. We don't have any shows running yet, just lights, but hopefully in the next week or two we will be able to get the show running again.

  Mesa Holiday Lights Radio
During the off hours starting at 9 a.m. we will be playing holiday music on our station 99.1 FM. When it is running the last 10 songs will show below:
The Show music is currently running.